“Where’s your sunshine?”:Battling against a suppressed appetite with Systemic Routine Therapy

The first tempting attempt.

It helped me break my cycle of disinterest towards food and helped decode the eating disorder. So today is much better than how it was two months back as I relevantly feel hungry. Because to be able to enter the kitchen to cook a dish as an amateur gives me an immense adrenaline rush, an everyday venture towards “what’s cooking?”

It is an engaging activity which allows me to end my guilt trip of hurting my family with my mood disorders and my queasy detachment from food as I have considerably started getting even more involved with them while cooking a snack. It has paved a path for me to be occupied in merriment again.

The habitual practice of cooking at least a tiny snack meal for everyone over two months has allowed me to replenish my lack of appetite and is helping me rekindle my hunger. Would you not like to taste something you have cooked ? The joy to be able to cook something as a token of love and care for the ones who had done everything to help me stay happy shall always be etched in my heart.

Considering my inexperience in the field of cooking, I never thought I could. Accidentally though, this is a recently discovered interest and a systemic approach towards it has helped me pick up an activity that helps me feed my hunger and has ended up having a better effect on my health.

Straight from my kitchen



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